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Warning lamp STAR 2000 - red

Warning lamp STAR 2000 - red (Art: 02-2000-002)

Article number: 02-2000-002
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Warning lamp STAR 2000 - red

For construction sites in airports or on railway lines

  • Warning lamp that operates on two batteries type 4R25 STAR (not included)
  • Adapted version for use in airports or on railway sites  
  • LED technology and additional battery ensure exceptional autonomy 
  • 5 contact points make it impossible to place batteries incorrectly 
  • Equipped with sturdy anti-theft bracket (6 mm) for installation on beacons and fences 
  • Night mode: built-in photocell automatically activates the blinking light at dusk
  • Lens Ø 18 cm with reflective border
  • Double sided and rotating lens (90°) 
  • 2 high-quality LEDs ensure unrivalled durability 
  • Also available with red LED and red lens

The STAR 2000 road warning lamp is, just like the smaller Ministar, a so-called "day sleeper". This means that it is only activated at nightfall, when daylight dicreases, by a built-in photocell. The barricade lamp starts blinking at dusk and switches itself off when it gets light again. Technically the STAR 2000 is identical to the Ministar but accomodates two batteries which doubles the autonomy of this barricade lamp.

The red STAR 2000 has been specially modified for use on construction sites in airports or on railway lines where specific regulations apply on the use of warning lamps. It has two operating modes: blinking or continuous light.

By using LED technology and two batteries (not included) for this warning lamp, energy consumption is limited to the absolute minimum and offers an autonomy up ,to 1800 hours without exchanging batteries under normal temperatures. So if your warning lamp works on average 8 hours each night, it may last up to 6 months without having to replace the batteries. When the batteries reach their end, the barricade lamp will stop flashing and give a weaker continuous light. This immediately tells you when a battery change is needed.

Remember that lower temperatures have a major impact on the autonomy of all types of batteries. In winter, when it is colder and when there are fewer hours of daylight, the autonomy of the STAR 2000 road warning lamp will therefore also be shorter.

Our PCB's (electronic control panel) for all our warning lamps are designed in such a way that it is impossible to place a battery incorrectly in the battery holder. Whatever orientation you place the batteries in the holder, the five contact points ensure that the polarity of the battery supply is always correct.

The STAR 2000 has an almost indestructible polycarbonate lens and a sturdy bracket (Ø 6 mm) made of electrolytically galvanised steel to mount the barricade lamp on beacons or fences. The yellow lens rotates so that you can always point your road warning lamp in the right direction. The light-transmitting lens has a specially designed profile that focuses the light correctly and is surrounded by a prismatic reflector that increases the visibility of the STAR 2000 warning lamp.

Like all our barricade lamps, the STAR 2000 has a comfortable handle at the top of the lens so that you can easily carry multiple lamps together. That is certainly useful when you place or remove your signage.

The nuts of the mounting bracket and on the closure of the battery holder have an anti-theft profile so that they cannot be opened with a normal screwdriver. The universal key for all Traffimex warning lamps can be ordered separately. For every 12 STAR 2000 warning lamps you order, three keys are supplied free of charge in the carton.

Our warning lamp STAR 2000 is extremely reliable and is used by countless professionals for signaling roadworks.

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